With the introduction of the Relaince Jio, one term flooded the smartphone market,”4G VoLte”. Every consumer now wants to use the VoLte network and is demanding for phones with 4G VoLte network, even the consumers using the feature phones want to experience the VoLte network. Hence, all the smartphone makers are quickly adapting to this market trend and introducing phones with the VoLte network and those who did not have already started losing the game.

So what is this “VoLte” and why has it become so powerful all of a sudden?

Well, technically speaking, Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLte) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. In layman terms, or to say, which would interest us as consumers; it means true HD Voice calling over 4G LTE Network. Voice call would become more accurate & clearer. 4G VoLTE phones (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) are the product of our ever fast evolving technology. They’re differentiated from 4G based on the fact that even calls are routed via their data network. 4G LTE involves your phone using a data channel for data, and switching down to 3G to run data calls. Result? You can’t use data and do calls on a 4G network simultaneously. The whole switching process also takes a toll on your phone battery. Jio is a 4G only network – which means your phone cannot switch to 3G when making calls. That’s where VoLTE steps in, allowing you to channel your voice call over the data network.

Some of the benefits of using a VoLte phone are as below:

  • High-Definition Calls

4G enables us to make voice calls with better clarity, similar to Facebook and Whatsapp voice calling. These phones have latency much lesser compared to 2G and 3G networks. The new technology uses 13 kbps codec compared to 8 kbps codec in the traditional ones.

  • Browse and Talk simultaneously

We just talked about this. With your 4G VoLTE network, you can use data while you are on a call. This wasn’t possible before due to reasons we just highlighted. So no more losing out on downloads when you receive a call. This network won’t switch to GSM network during calls.

  • Video-Calling

The fast network facility of 4G VoLTE lets you make real-time video chat, send video voice mails and instant messaging. These facilities can be enabled directly from one 4G smartphone to another without the support of a third party like Facebook or Skype.

  • Similar (or cheaper) call rates

A less known fact about 4G VoLTE network is that the call rates don’t change. They are same as other mobile networks, which mean no extra cost. In fact, networks like Jio are able to charge you much lesser than competition because they have invested in only one network – no costs on 2G and 3G support. Result? Better pricing and quality for the consumer.

  • Increased battery life

Signals Research, Michael Thelander made a statement regarding the advantage 4G smartphone users have over others. They require much fewer network facilities compared to online video calling, thus extending the battery life of your phone. When your phone isn’t busy switching between 3G and 4G all day, there’s reduced power consumption, and therefore better battery life.

There are a lot of brands in the market offering 4G VoLte network, so you must be confused as to which brand would be the choice for you. Well, VOTO can help you make a clearer choice by offering a smartphone which has all the latest features and which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

So stay tuned for making the best choice!

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